Rohan is the name and I enjoy anything football related. Like many other Indians, I fell in love with Cricket as a kid and lived the game in every possible way. However like many other kids of my generation, I fell out of love with the game and yes…fell in love again !! My passion for the so-called ‘Beautiful Game’ has been all consuming since and I’m happy to inform you that I’m still in love !!

The Title & Tagline

The title of the blog, however crazy, is actually in line with my sporting passions. Kabinho is an amalgamation of Shinji Kagawa and Robinho (Not necessarily my all time favourites, but up there). As for the origins of this crazy name…Don’t ask !!

The tagline is a nice & funny way of representing football as well as life. One can always work around life’s obstacles just as a player gets past opponents with clever dribbling.

The Blog

In keeping with my sporting passions, I expect most of my blogging content to be football related. On occasion, I would also like to delve into Indian Hockey related content. In additon to this, I have always loved anything animation and cartoon related. So, expect posts on that too !!

Sometimes though, I may write about something totally unique. While I don’t expect this to become a mainstay of this blog, it can definitely add a whiff of fresh air from time to time.

I hope that I can keep you entertained and touch a chord somewhere !!

Hala Madrid !!

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