Real Madrid’s 4th Midfielder


It’s been a while since I’ve published an article despite my desire to do so. So, during this on-going COVID-19 crisis, I decided to publish my first ever collaborative piece. My friend Saajid, a die-hard Real Madrid fan wanted to pay a glowing tribute to Isco, whose time at Real has largely been under rated. This wonderfully written piece is largely his effort with some inputs from me. Enjoy !!


With the resumption of La Liga almost upon us after the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the excitement building amongst us all, it is always a good exercise to take a step back and remind the (often forgetful) Real Madrid fanbase on some of the key important developments that took place prior to the pandemic. Further, it is also necessary to remind the Real Madrid fanbase on why it is important to focus on continuity and build on the foundations made, in what has been quite a promising seasons for Los Blancos. Continue reading

India vs Qatar Aftermath: The Indian Football Revolution Has Begun

Indian Football Team Celebrates

Over the last couple of decades or so, Indian football fans haven’t had much cause to celebrate. The national team’s record in World Cup Qualifying competitions in general has been dismal. Unsurprisingly, the national team’s ranking has also been an eyesore for years. However, in recent times, especially over the last 3 years or so, the mood in the Indian Camp has seen a gradual upswing. The national team’s ranking has also seen a rapid rise. There was a stage not so long ago when the national team’s ranking languished in the 160s and 170s. More recently, this number had risen to as high as 97 (A number not seen since the 90s) and the team is currently ranked 104 (At the time of writing). So, how does all this tie in to Indian football’s watershed moment against Qatar ? Continue reading

Batman: Hush – Review: Another Fine Entry in DC’s Animated Line-Up

Batman & Nightwing

DC Animation’s last Batman entry in its animated line-up was a massive disappointment (Batman: Gotham by Gaslight). This is keeping in mind that Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a collaboration between Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon. Moreover, it was not a part of the regular line-up of 3 animated DC movies that are released annually. Hence, when Batman: Hush was announced, there was a huge sense of expectation due to its iconic source material. Continue reading

Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Review: A Well-Done Film that Opens Up Possibilities

Broly goes Super Saiyan

I usually don’t write about anime and prefer to focus on American animation in general. However, exceptions can be made. Who knows; perhaps there might be many more to come in the future. Continue reading

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Aftermath: Indian Cricket’s Never-Ending Politics

The Indian Cricket Team

No, this is not a breakdown or a detailed analysis of the Indian cricket team’s surprise loss to New Zealand in the semi-finals of the World Cup. India’s loss on the day can be put down to a bad day at the office. While the general public and the so-called pundits might be over-reacting at the moment, it was just that; a bad day for the Indian top-order at the most crucial juncture in the world cup (Let’s also give New Zealand credit for their terrific performance in spite of India having to play in rain-affected conditions).

While the loss was an excruciating one for fans of the game in India, the emotions still haven’t completely settled down. However, there are some deeper goings-on at play in Indian cricketing circles which will in all likelihood never be addressed. These issues have always existed in Indian cricket but have never come under as much public scrutiny as they do today due to the widespread use of digital media. Continue reading

Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review: A Fun Mash-Up

Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is based on the comic book mini-series Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When the trailer for this movie first appeared, it immediately piqued my interest. A Batman/TMNT crossover movie ? What’s not to like about that ? The very concept itself has ‘Cool’ written all over it. Continue reading

Godzilla King of The Monsters Review: Michael Dougherty’s Kaiju Opera Entertains but Falls Short of Its Monstrous Potential


** This review contains spoilers. You’ve been warned.

This movie had all the makings of greatness written on it. Right from the trailers to the marketing to the very premise of the movie; this movie had it all. It had the potential to be the Inception of Kaiju/Monster & Godzilla movies. Yet this movie comes up short.

After having watched this movie in IMAX, I felt very conflicted inside. It had great actors who give great performances. It had all the monster fights which are probably the best ever seen in a Kaiju movie. However, the movie as a whole seems to be lesser than the sum of its parts.

As a huge Godzilla fan, this review is not a rant on the movie by any means. In fact, I was very entertained by what I had primarily come to watch (The Kaiju Fights !!). You can clearly see that Michael Dougherty has put a great deal of care in to making these ‘Legendary’ (Pun Totally Intended) beasts come to life in the best possible way on the big screen. However, the context of these fights seems to have been drowned out in the process and that is my biggest issue with this movie.

Continue reading

The Resurgence of Dinesh Karthik


In my blogging journey thus far, I’ve never really considered writing about anything remotely cricket related. As far as possible, I mostly stick to football and cartoons. While I have written about off-beat topics on occasion, cricket is something that has never really crossed my mind. Perhaps then, it is time that I make another exception to the usual routine. Continue reading

The Death of Superman: Review – A Comic Book Classic Packs an Emotional Punch


It’s been a long time coming but DC really needed a movie like this to lift itself out of the mediocrity that has engulfed it over the last year or so. With the DCEU not really impressing thus far (with the notable exception of Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman), it’s been up to DC animation to carry the mantle. To be really honest, DC’s annual line-up of stand-alone (or limited continuity) movies has been generally lacking in inspiration in recent times. This is not to say that their movies have been outright bad or a disaster but there is a feeling that the effort going into these movies has reduced. Sometimes, the quality of animation hasn’t been the best either. Continue reading

High Drama in Rostov as Japanese Football Comes of Age in Russia 2018


It is the 92nd minute in Rostov as Keisuke Honda lines up to take a free kick. The ball is a comfortable 40 yards or so from goal and very few would dare to shoot at goal from that distance. Unknown to the Belgium & Chelsea shot-stopper in goal, Thibaut Courtois, those few individuals include…Keisuke Honda. With a short run-up, Honda strikes at goal. His knuckle-ball freekick dips wickedly and Courtois scrambles away the ball in the last moment to prevent an embarrassment for Belgium. Continue reading