ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Aftermath: Indian Cricket’s Never-Ending Politics

The Indian Cricket Team

No, this is not a breakdown or a detailed analysis of the Indian cricket team’s surprise loss to New Zealand in the semi-finals of the World Cup. India’s loss on the day can be put down to a bad day at the office. While the general public and the so-called pundits might be over-reacting at the moment, it was just that; a bad day for the Indian top-order at the most crucial juncture in the world cup (Let’s also give New Zealand credit for their terrific performance in spite of India having to play in rain-affected conditions).

While the loss was an excruciating one for fans of the game in India, the emotions still haven’t completely settled down. However, there are some deeper goings-on at play in Indian cricketing circles which will in all likelihood never be addressed. These issues have always existed in Indian cricket but have never come under as much public scrutiny as they do today due to the widespread use of digital media. Continue reading